½-gallon lidless pewter ale jug by Henry & Richard Joseph, London c1785-92


Ale capacity ½-gallon lidless pewter ale jug made by Henry & Richard Joseph of London c1785-92 their pot touch inside the base (photo of mark is upside down). From its condition, and absence of capacity and verification marks, it is likely this jug was a domestic rather than tavern item. This is an uncommon form of ale jug, and was made lidless as witnessed by the 'blind' hinge lug. The spout with its decorative 'tear drop' below was applied at the time of manufacture, which can be seen from the workmanship inside the body. In excellent condition, with light-grey original surface patina. Capacity is an Ale half-gallon = 90.2 fl oz. 8½’ tall, with mouth and base diameters of 4¾” & 6¼”. 1905g weight. REF: P1832