½-pint Irish pewter haystack measure by Munster Iron Co, Cork c1870-1901


½-pint Irish pewter haystack measure made by the Munster Iron Co., Cork c1870-1901 (these dates relate to the Victorian verification mark on this measure) their mark under the base. Has 2 verification marks to the rim, one of which is Victorian. In very good condition, with medium-light grey original surface patina. Capacity stamp 1 HALF PINT meaning the capacity is half-pint Imperial = 10 fl oz. 4⅞” tall with 2⅞” base diameter. 316g weight. Provenance: from the collection of the late Thomas D & Constance R Williams of Litchfield CT sold by auction at the Pan Am New York Sky Club 23.1.2006. REF: C2453