Gill Newcastle pewter lidless baluster measure c1830


Excellent example of a lidless baluster measure from Newcastle-on-Tyne.  Like the majority of such measures it lacks a maker's mark, but is one of a series of lidless Imperial capacity measures unique to Newcastle probably made by the Hogg family c1825-30. Having no capacity label suggests this is earlier than c1830-35, but this example lacks the ‘IMPERIAL’ label often seen inside the base of the earliest versions. Early form of Newcastle town verification mark to the right of the solid strap handle with typical ball terminal fixed to end of a short strut. The baluster body with two pairs of incised lines. In excellent condition apart from a small dent in the side pictured, with lustrous medium-grey original surface patina. Capacity is 5 fl oz. 3½” high, with mouth and base diameters of 1⅞” & 2¼”. 247g weight. REF: C3784