Pair of 18th century pre-Imperial Irish pewter beakers


Matching pair of "½-pint" beakers, which although lacking a maker’s mark are almost certainly 18th century Irish. Struck in the base they have the distinctive crowned X used by William Hodges of Dublin 1765-90. They were bought at a sale in County Laois, Eire, and have punched ownership in the Dublin style: ‘M * MORAN’ over ‘L’ (for Laois?). Very distinctive form with an outward curving mouth below which is band of fine gadrooning. The interior of the mouth shows a step, which may be to allow them to be filled to that level as a capacity indicator. Nice turning lines under the base. In outstanding condition, with medium-grey original surface patina. Capacity is c8 fl oz to the step, and 10.1 fl oz brim full. 3½” high, with 2½” base diameter. 186 & 189g weight. REF: C3338