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Pint bud baluster measure almost certainly made by a West Midlands pewterer c1770-1800, as it has the distinctive crowned WR mark to left of handle seen on Birmingham and Bewdley measures. This is clearly an 'export' piece as it is also verified for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The crowned WR being applied by the maker, and then the measure stamped CM when verified in New England. ‘Bud’ thumbpiece, strap handle with strut at lower attachment point, and version of horse’s hoof terminal. 3 pairs of incised lines: 2 to the lower body, and another to the rim. The lid has a pair of closely spaced incised lines near the outer edge and another pair centrally. In very good condition, with light-grey original surface patina. Capacity 16.7 fl oz. 6” tall and 5” to rim, with mouth and base diameters of 3¼” and 3⅛”. 659g weight. REF: C3813