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An ale pint capacity mug by Edmund Grove, London c1773-77 his previously unrecorded pot touch inside the base, with his crowned WR verification to the left of the handle. Grove worked briefly alone from c1773-77 after William Munden his partner in Munden & Grove died. The mark is from that period, and interestingly it shows Grove altered the punch to remove the top two initials from the Munden & Grove touchmark. A heavily cast and well made mug with a tapered plain body engraved in a punch-decorated cartouche 'Jas Flint Old Pars Head Swallow Street'. Ownership triad of initials F over IE to top of the tongued thumbrest. The handle has an escutcheon plate, and a spatulate flattened terminal. A pre-Imperial version of the City of Westminster portcullis verification mark below the rim. Illustrated and discussed in the article 'Discoveries' at Fig 14 p36 Summer 2011 Bulletin of the Pewter Collectors Club of America. Capacity is 20.1 fl oz (1 pint Old English Ale Standard). 4⅜” tall, with mouth and base diameters of 3½” & 4”. 481g weight. In superb original 'as found' condition with light wear, one bruise to right of handle, and lovely medium-grey original surface patina. Provenance: formerly in the collection of David W Hall until 1992, then Carl Ricketts collection #508. Recorded as #159, Early English Pewter Drinking Mugs, and shown with two others with escutcheon plates at page 30 of the book. REF: C508