Possibly unique wine pint capacity pewter bottle measure c1800-30


Rare wine pint pewter bottle measure, which in this size is possibly a unique survivor. Contrary to received wisdom, these vessels were not created to serve as bottle drainers. They were used as a bottle measure to detect the capacity of glass wine bottles in the days before they could be made accurately, which did not occur until the second quarter of the 19th century. For more information see the Journal of the Pewter Society Autumn 2001 & Spring 2015. These are rare measures, and this is the smallest one recorded having a maximum capacity of 1 pint OEWS. It is very substantially made of pewter, and although it appears to have the body of a baluster measure, the construction does not utilise a normal body, but was hand made for the specific purpose. The series of four 'steps' inside the neck give the approximate capacities of the bottles being measured. They decrease from 16.4 through 15.1, 14.0 to 12.5 fl oz. In very good condition, with medium-light grey original surface patina. 7⅜” overall height, 4¾" to lip, with 3⅜" mouth & 3¼" base diameters. REF: P1360