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 Quart dome lid pewter tulip tankard by William Charlesley, London 1729-70 his pot touch inside the base, and crowned WR verification mark to left of handle. The tulip shaped body with low raised fillet, and convex domed foot. The low double dome lid with a cloaked chair back thumbpiece. The hollow C-curve handle with raised pip to area behind the hinge assembly, and a hooded ball terminal. Tankards with rounded pear or tulip shaped bodies started to appear c1730 coinciding with the gradual transition of the handle with scroll thumbpieces and fishtail terminals to solid chairback thumbpieces and ball terminals of the 'hooded ball' type. In very good condition, with light-medium grey surface patina, and oxide shading. Capacity is one Ale quart (OEAS) = 40.1 fl oz. 7¾" overall height. REF: P1378.