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Rare 19.2 fl oz tapered body English pewter mug made by an unidentified maker CP his pot touch inside the base, and unusual hallmarks separated by a crowned X to the right of the handle, which appear earlier than the suggested date of c1800. The crowned WR by the hallmarks is of a different form to those seen on London made mugs, which adds to the idea of a Southern England origin. The unusual tall tapered plain body has a double curve handle with semi-erect thumbrest. The mug has been cleaned, and has a light-medium grey somewhat pitted surface patina. Capacity is 19.2 fl oz. 5⅛" overall height, and 4⅞" to the rim. 3⅛" rim and 4⅛" base diameters. 410g weight. Illustrated at page 82 (bottom left) Early English Pewter Drinking Mugs. REF: C3772