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A rare 4-Glass pewter measure made to a pre-Imperial capacity, in this case a Scots half-mutchkin. No maker's mark but this dome-lidded form seems to have been a speciality of Glasgow makers c1826-45 including Robert Galbraith and David Scouler. They adapted their Imperial bodies, lids, thumbpieces, and handles to create a short series of 1-glass, 2-glass and 4-glass measures. They have the usual lid medallion but instead of the typical legend these say GLASS either with 4 or FOUR etc. The continuation of local or customary capacity was legal under the initial Weights and Measures legislation provided the measure did not mislead. Describing the capacity so precisely was acceptable. They are never verified as that was only done with Imperial capacity vessels. In good but used condition, the lettering on the lid medallion is feint but GLASS can be seen in the right light. The surface patina is light-grey. 5⅛" tall and 3⅞" to rim, with 2¼" base diameter. 264g weight. REF: C3798 Shown with a 2-Glass measure that is also now sold.