Rare 'bottle' capacity English pewter measure


A rare 26.6 fl oz ("Bottle") capacity measure*. No maker's mark but has a distinctive crowned X inside the base, which has not been recorded on the Pewter Society Database. The body form is distinctively different to the so-called 'bulbous' measures, which are never seen with a double curved handle with erect thumbpiece. In excellent condition, with original surface patina. Capacity is 26.6 fl oz. 5¼" overall height, and 5⅛" to rim. 4⅜" base diameter. 492g weight. REF: C3771 *A very rare measure that was legal only from c1870 to 1878. Possibly made in the West Country for local usage. The capacity could also be expressed as 2/3rds of a quart, which had been used in South Wales and Bristol as a customary capacity for decades. Very few localities adopted this capacity, which could not be verified without possessing legal standards.