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Rare Scots bottle capacity measure by James Moyes, Edinburgh his pot touch inside the base. Marked ‘BOTTLE’ below a partially legible Edinburgh City verification mark to the right of the handle. The bottle capacity although used locally in several areas was legal only from c1870 to 1878, and very few places adopted this capacity. It was only possible to verify such measures if the local authority possessed the appropriate legal standards, which only Edinburgh and Glasgow did. Interestingly, this absolutely genuine measure has been 'enhanced' using fake marks in an attempt to enhance its saleability. The fake marks include two oval crowned GRIII, and two crowned GIV marks of a form known to have been widely used on many mugs and measures exported to North America between the wars. Provenance: formerly in the collection of John Bank. In excellent condition, one of the best we have seen, with medium-grey original surface patina. Capacity is two-thirds of a quart = 26.7 fl oz. 6¼” tall, with 3⅝" mouth and 3⅜" base diameters. 710g weight. REF: C3934