Rare pre-Imperial Scots pint pewter carafe c1780-1820


Rare Scots pint carafe lacking a maker's mark, but several criteria suggest it is Scottish made as well as being of Scots capacity. Dating is c1780-1820. The body form is unusual being less globular than the more commonly seen London types (two of which are also for sale). The design makes the vessel more stable by lowering the centre of gravity, and thus less likely to be knocked over at table. The level of finish is excellent, with one incised line below the rim, and another near the base, with two pairs of 3 incised lines at the neck and mid body. In outstanding condition, with light-medium grey original surface patina. Capacity 60 fl oz. to rim. 10" tall, with 4¾" base diameter. 1040g weight. REF: C3826. Shown with two other carafes we had for sale, of which the larger one is now sold