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Rare lidded pewter vessel with relief decorated lid having the initials ‘A’ and ‘M?’ as part of the design. Struck under the base with an unidentified mark of a fleur de lys in a shield, which suggests it may be French. Dating is uncertain, but could be earlier than a tentative ‘18th century’. The form of lid is similar to one shown by Verster at Fig 30 of Old European Pewter that he says is from Toulouse c17th century. The form of body and handle is similar to one shown at Fig 61 of Old European Pewter said to be c1600. A very unusual item that may not be a measure, for example it could be for use as a communion vessel. In excellent condition, with medium-light grey original surface patina. Capacity is 190 ml or 6.8 fl oz. 5¼” high, with 2⅜” base diameter. This is the left hand vessel in the photo of two European vessels, of which the other is also for sale. REF: C3605