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This rare quart measure lacks maker or verification marks, but has a QUART capacity label on the neck. Although lacking other marks, I am certain the measure was made in Liverpool, which is the only location where handles with lozenge shaped terminals were used on vessels. There is a plouk in the neck, which allows it to be used to measure Ale Standard (full to the brim), and Imperial Standard (to the plouk). In very good condition, with medium-light grey original surface patina. 8⅝" tall, 8" across the handles, with mouth and base diameters of 2¼" and 4⅛”. From base to top of cylindrical body it is 3¾" tall. 1044g weight. A gallon version of this rare form of measure probably used for rapid emptying of liquid into a large container was also sold recently. REF: C2770